Thanks to Lactanet and OMAFRA for their in-kind support of the farm show events.


Thursday, September 14th

Brunch is held from 8:30 - 10:30 am at the Outdoor Farm Show in the ADAMA Lounge.

Evening Banquet
Craigowan Golf Course, 595838 Hwy 59 N, Woodstock, ON

Enjoy a full-course dinner and renew your acquaintances in the Van Haeren Banquet Room. ‘Cash Bar’ Happy Hour begins at 5:30 pm followed by a delicious buffet dinner at 6:30 pm.

Banquet Guest Speakers:

Kris Pettit, Mistyglen Creamery
Bonnie den Haan, Sheldon Creek Dairy
Shep Ysselstein, Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese

From the Dairy to the Plant
On-farm processing has become more common across the Ontario country side speckling Ontario with unique dairy products including glass bottle milk, ice creams, cheese and so much more. This panel will highlight their journeys from milking cows to on farm processing, discussing the challenges, opportunities and the decision to pursue this new endeavor on the farm.

Banquet Dinner Sponsored by:


Friday, September 15th

Bus Tour leaving from the lower parking lot of the Quality Hotel & Suites, 580 Bruin Blvd, Woodstock, ON

Featured Farms:

Mistyglen Holsteins & Creamery, The Pettit Family:

  • On-farm processing since June 2022
  • Milking 55 cows on a single DeLaval VMS
  • Heat detection by Herd navigator testing milk for progesterone levels

Verhoef Dairy Farms Inc., The Verhoef Family:

  • Received Gold (2020) and Silver (2021) award of achievement from the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council with a 40% pregnancy rate
  • Milking 240 cows 3x milking in a double-10 parlour
  • Heat detection by GEA activity monitor and rumination collars

Hammond Farms Ltd., The Hammond Family:

  • New calf barn with positive pressure tube and heater for the winter
  • Milking 270 cows with Lely milking robots
  • Heat detection with Lely activity monitors

Cavanlek Farms Ltd., The Thompson Family:

  • Deep sand bedding and a cow-focused handling area
  • Milking 90 cows on 2 Lely milking robots
  • Heat detection with Lely activity monitors

Silverridge Farms, The Dykxhoorn Family:  

  • A hybrid barn design that allows for both natural and mechanical ventilation
  • 220 milking cows 3x milking in double 8 herringbone parlour
  • High production herd averaging 45 to 48L at 4.0% BF